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We produce high quality veneered or oak interior doors, invisible doors and exterior custom doors.

Create a unique cosiness in your home by the hands of our craftsmen.

pine material
in the base
of the door leaf



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Saves useful area.


Doesn’t damage the floor.

Modern design.

90 cm
210 cm
configurator GranDoor
Model Hi-Teck 4.1.12
Unit Dimensions 2100*900 (our standard)
Leaf 42 mm width with a French quarter, Pine beam with natural veneer lamination
Frame 50 mm width MDF veneered with sealer
Color 001
Glass Ultra white lacquered glass
Architrave Standart
Lock AGB Mediana Evolution
Hinges Otlav 14”
Unit Dimensions 2100*900 (our standard)
Leaf 8 cm thickness, 0.5 mm metal, insulated with mineral wool, ribs with a profile of 4 pcs, anticrushes 2 pcs, decorated MDF (veneer / PVC film) overlays 16mm, sealer 2 pcs.
Frame profile tube 1.5 mm thickness, base 60*40mm + reinforcement 40*20mm
Color large selection of veneer / PVC film VINIRIT (Israel)
Glass two-chamber glass pane using glass with reflection
Architrave MDF veneered / MDF PVC laminated with a thickness of 16mm
Lock MOTURA (Italy) / custom order
Hinges welding hinge 2 pcs.
Price upon request
Hi-Teck Modern SIMPLE Victoria Classic Domino Prima Versailles Grace GRAND
Versailles Grace Edem Baroque Rondo
Fireproof, ЕІ 60 Soundproofing, 35 dB
Hi-Teck Modern Classic
Basic single Basic double
Basic hidden single Basic hidden double Hidden HI-TECH Hidden HI-TECK double
Parallel single
Econom single Econom double
  • Basic double
  • Basic double
  • Modern
  • Modern 2
  • Basic hidden single
  • Basic hidden single
  • Basic hidden double
  • Basic hidden double
  • Hi-tech
  • Hi-tech
  • Hi-tech double
  • Hi-tech double
  • Parallel single
  • Parallel single
  • Twins single
  • Twins single
  • Приховані фарба
  • Приховані фарба
  • Приховані шпон
  • Приховані шпон
  • Приховані лакобель
  • Приховані лакобель
  • Приховані дзеркало
  • Приховані дзеркало
  • Приховані грунт
  • Приховані грунт
  • Приховані грунт
  • Приховані грунт


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Lviv, Kn.Olgy, 100 V

0676622002 | Viber


GRAND is a full cycle door production factory. From wood drying to packaging we control quality at every stage. Our factory represents a huge selection of models, architraves and cornices, which is constantly replenished.

Years of experience, working with private individuals and cooperating with public institutions, government agencies, architects and designers.

5000 m2 production area

A team of genuine professionals

Custom dimensions,
Grandiose models’ selection

Attention to small details

Modern manufacturing technique.
Accessories mounted in factory
conditions to maintain the wholeness of the product.

Modern manufacturing
and quality
control at every stage.


Cost is calculated
by centimeter increasing
to standard size.
Standard size is
2100*900*80 mm.

Robust door.
Modern euro beam
accretion method.
Solid deep door frame
without flashing.

varnishes and glues.
products guarantee safe
environment in the apartment
or office.

Italian Milesi

Additional elements
of interior.

In our implementation: skirting boards
in the color to the door, arches of various
shapes, wall panels and so on..

Exterior doors.
High protection and insulation level,
high-quality locks,
frame made of profile pipe.

Finishing of metal overlays
of the same design as interior doors

Lead time

Depend on the complexity of the design
And the number of additional parameters

days exterior doors

days interior
veneer doors

days interior
oak doors

Order doors


Basic door set

The basic doors set includes a French quarter leaf door, the doorframe is equipped with a door seal, basic glass, adjustable hinges and a modern lock mechanism. It is possible to equip the products with magnetic locks, which closes practically silently and softly.

Prices on the door market vary greatly. You can find both: cheaper and more expensive options. Most likely, cheap doors will not last long because they are made using expanded paper and with an unstable thin frame and architrave. On the other hand, a high price does not always indicate a high quality. Very often manufacturers, which produce expensive doors, instead of natural inner filler, use an artificial tubular filling with artificial veneer or film on top. Such technology negatively affects the environmental characteristics of the doors.

It is necessary to know, that usually cheaper doors are offered only in standard sizes, meanwhile producers of more expensive doors set from 15% to 30% of additional fees for non-standard dimensions.

The leaf of interior doors is made of pine beam, and the leaf of the front door is filled with mineral wool. Door frames are equipped with rubber sealer. Such technology provide a high level of thermal insulation and soundproof of doors. All door are certified in accordance to Ukrainian standards.

Our factory represents a huge selection of models, architraves and cornices that constantly replenished. However, the design of the door is not only about certain model and about color; it is worth paying attention to the types of hinges and locks. For doors in modern style, there is an opportunity to choose invisible hinges and magnetic lock mechanism.

By choosing GRAND's door, you will not need to lower or narrow the size of the opening, approaching the standard. The unique feature of our manufacturer is custom production. Note, that modern fashion dictates trends on high doors, which not only visually add space but also elegantly decorate the room.

An important design advantage of our production, which also garnishes the product in general, is the manufacture of solid flat or paneled doorframes of any depth.

In addition to the above advantages, there is another but no less important. The factory also produces rectangular and arched shaped archways; interior fire door; skirting in the color to the door; wall panels and more.

Doors are installed for a long time, so special attention should be paid to the selection of materials from which they are made. The most important characteristics are wear resistance and environmental friendliness. These parameters fully correspond to the technology in which the basis of the canvas consists of a beam. Natural veneer in appearance is difficult to distinguish from the solid wood door. In this case, it is wear-resistant to accidental damage and temperature or humidity fluctuations. The most environmentally friendly material are solid wood doors. The interior doors of solid hardwood, in addition to being durable, look stunning. Such doors can serve longer than veneered, but they are much more expensive.

Modern manufacturing
and quality
control at every stage.


Designing options

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Any sizes and ideas

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